Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice

Simple Steps To Stop Yelling At Your Kids (Or anyone for that matter)

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It's A Short Class

We understand the pressure you already face, and we "get" you.  That's why this free class is short and to the point.  It's for people that have a short fuse.

You've Never Heard These Tips Before

This is what we hear from most of our students!  The class has helped them create a long-term shift.

Realistic & Non-Judgemental

You will leave this class with realistic tools and you will also leave feeling supported and understood.  There's no judgement either!

"I highly recommend this course.  It was a completely different perspective; one I had never heard before.  The ideas are easy to understand and easy to apply.  I didn't feel judged/shamed for being a 'yeller' either.  This is a valuable resource for anyone that wants to stop yelling at their kids.  I really enjoyed it.  Thank you!"


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