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I've been a Life Strategies Coach since 2009 so the classes and programs I offer have passed the test of time.  My work has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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The classes and programs are all rooted in reality and science, with the added benefit of spiritual growth.  You will experience results in the here and now.  

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Long-Term Results

My focus is to teach my students and clients to work from the end back - to play the long game because life is a marathon, not a sprint.  The offerings improve your life in the short-term, but also have major long-term benefits.

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Get To Know Me 

My name is Ranbir Puar and I've been a Life Strategies Coach since 2009. I'm also a TEDx Speaker, 20x Insight Timer Staff Pick, Creator of "Today I Practice", Podcaster and Author. I've also been a speaker at global parenting events, such as the Mindful World Parenting Summit with Eckart Tolle and Dr. Shefali. I've been interviewed by Forbes on the topic of Student Well-Being. Most importantly, I'm the mom of two incredible sons that I'm raising with my husband. I can't wait to meet you inside our community.

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Curious about our programs?  We have something for adults and kids.  

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Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice

Simple Steps To Stop Yelling At Your Kids (or anyone for that matter).  This on-demand is free and you will learn a technique that you've never heard before.

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10 Techniques To Awaken Your Inner Champion

Start Improving Your Inner Dialogue & Change The Trajectory Of Your Life.  This is a free class!

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Building Strong (Resilient) Kids

This comprehensive program provides your kids develop resilience, improves their self-image and helps them take personal responsibility. 

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What can you expect from our programs?

Our programs are all about giving you practical, powerful and profound strategies that you can apply to your life right away.  To help you feel in control, hopeful and aligned.  The more you practice, the more growth you will experience. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

Building Blocks

Our programs work as independent modules but also function together like building blocks.

Diverse Classes

We meet you where you are: different tools, different conversations, a different pace each class.


Our parent coaching programs include live classes!  This gives you the personalized attention you need.

What Past Students Are Saying About Our Programs 

“What I loved the most about the program is how you could choose to be live or watch it on your own time. As it allowed everyone a chance to sign up and work with everyone’s schedule. This has been our first parenting program and we can both agree we’re hooked! Ranbir has a way of explaining life that just makes sense and is someone who is very easy to speak with. We cannot wait to sign up for another program, be it for the kids, personally, or the hubs and me!! If you’re considering the program my advice is to do it! You will not regret it. And it was worth every penny and then some. I feel very blessed to have Ranbir in our home and helping us along the way in all life’s milestones. The good and bad, we love how she navigates through life and look forward to a refreshed lifestyle and the teaching moments.” C. Salvador (mom of two)

“One of my favourite parts of the live parent coaching program was how open and honest the discussions were. Everyone had an opportunity to share their experiences and got honest, constructive feedback from Ranbir that they could actually apply. Ranbir’s programs are different from others because she makes me feel heard. She helps people truly heal and move forward. She shares solutions, not opinions. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting/needing support in parenting. I also highly recommend Ranbir’s 1:1 coaching. My sessions with Ranbir have been supportive and transformative. Ranbir is wonderful and I appreciate all the support she’s given me this past year and I look forward to participating in more courses in the future.”
V.Singh (mom of two)

“In addition to so much amazing parenting content, we learned and put into practice many strategies, like breathing and mediation techniques. These techniques have helped me immensely when applying them in my parenting. Particularly in the hard moments of parenting. It was also quite helpful to be with other parents as a group to hear others' experiences.  What’s unique about this program is the direct access to the coach. She addressed issues and questions with practical solutions. I’ve never seen or heard that being offered in any other parenting program out there. This program is absolutely worth your time and investment. I’m looking forward to attending more sessions in the near future!”
C.W. (mom of two)

“My husband and I were quite surprised by just how much we got out of this program. We had pages and pages of notes, but also the solutions Ranbir shared made sense (and they worked). The ability to have access to her with questions in the class, after the class, and via email really helped us stick with the tools she shared with us. We've told all our friends about her work. It was such a refreshing change from other courses we've taken in the past. We hope she creates a monthly community program for parents soon.”
B.Raliegh (mom of three)

The live parenting class with Ranbir is so much more than just a parenting course.  It’s a series of awakenings and eye-opening moments and the uncovering of old subconscious programming.  The course is engaging, interactive and her message is impactful and life-altering.  Her approach is gentle yet powerful as she guides you to uncover your own filters, patterns, and beliefs which may not be aligned with the outcome you wish to attain. Having completed her program and the one-on-one session, I can attest that the impact of her work is lasting, refreshing, and brings to the surface a new way of doing things that ironically involves less effort and resistance.  She is a master at building bridges, creating self-reliance, and in doing so changing how you view the relationship with yourself and the people you love most.  You will walk away with valuable tools, tips, and resources which will no doubt strengthen the bond in your circle of family and friendships. Ranbir is a deeply humble, personable, knowledgeable, and intuitive coach who welcomes each person as a member of her extended family. 
P.B. (mom of two)

The live parenting program with Ranbir is a life-altering step if you're looking to deepen and enhance the relationships under your roof and with those who matter most. The class exceeded my expectations in impact and outcome. The tools, tips, and advice are practical, useful and they truly work. They work because you're not just following advice but you've undergone transformation and shifts in perspective that are truly lasting. I am so deeply grateful for this opportunity and would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand on their awareness, knowledge and want to have easier more fulfilling relationships. Ranbir is very supportive, non-judgmental, kind, and solution-oriented. You will definitely walk away feeling more hopeful, empowered, and excited to engage in entirely new ways.
K.Haigh (mom of three)

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Our programs, classes and community are all about meeting you where you are and giving you the support and tools to live the way you want to live.  Authentic.  Joyful.  Enlightened.  Fulfilled.  Connected. 

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