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10 Techniques To Awaken Your Inner Champion

The One Thing Every Human Has In Common Is That We All Have An Inner Critic...

It's that nagging voice that is meant to keep us "safe" but mostly keeps us stuck.

What would your life look like if you could get out of your own way?

What would life look like if you felt comfortable in your own skin?

I know from lived experience (and from coaching people to do just this since 2009) that it's INCREDIBLE!

That's why you need to register for this 10-day program.  First of all, you have nothing to lose.  It's free.

But more importantly, this course is comprehensive and you will learn 10 different ways to improve your self-image (how you speak to yourself when you are alone with your thoughts).

Your self-image is the greatest barometer of the quality of your inner and outer life.

By improving this, you will not only improve your relationships but you will also gain that much-needed inner peace.

Don't let your inner critic drive the bus any longer than you need to (get it, like "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus 😂).

Take the wheel and take control of your inner and outer life.

I get you, and I got you.

See you on the inside.


A Note From Ranbir Puar, Your Guide & Course Creator

My name is Ranbir Puar and I've been a Life Strategies Coach since 2009. I'm also a TEDx Speaker, 20x Insight Timer Staff Pick, Creator of "Today I Practice", Podcaster and Author. I've also been a speaker at global parenting events, such as the Mindful World Parenting Summit with Eckart Tolle and Dr. Shefali.  Most importantly, I'm the mom of two incredible sons that I'm raising with my husband.  But enough about me!

The focus of my work is to serve and support you on your journey through life. It's about teaching you how to accept that life's experiences are temporary, good or bad, but that they can leave a lasting imprint on how you filter the world.

You'll be given practical, powerful, and profound strategies on how to learn to LIKE your life. Strategies that are in bite-sized pieces so you're not overwhelmed with ideas or data. Strategies that have been proven to work, not only for me in my life, but in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Strategies that work for all ages, from kids to grandparents.

Our community is for people that are ready to start living the width of their lives. People that are ready to slow down and run the marathon. People that are ready to take responsibility for their own joy. People that are ready to be victors, not victims.

I'm excited and grateful to be on this journey with you!