Does your child fall apart over when things don’t go right?

Today's kids are facing some challenges that us parents have never had to deal with.

There are so many factors at play, supporting them can feel overwhelming.

Can you relate?

You may not want to do what most of our parents did. Which is to let the kids figure it out for themselves.

You'd like to do better, but where do you start?

I felt the same way. I wanted my sons to experience the growth that can come with hard days/experiences but I also didn't want them to allow those hard times to impact their self-image in the long run.

That's what led me to create this system to help my sons understand that hard days can be great resilience builders (if we allow them to be).

If you approach a challenge with a growth mindset, then you can allow yourself to not only fully express yourself emotionally, but you can also harness those emotions to create a new empowering mind habit.

Being a fellow parent (and having my work impact thousands of families around the world), I know how draining it can be when your kids feel hurt or down. That's why this guide is step-by-step.

No guesswork is needed! You can either walk your children through the prompts or print the workbook for them and be there to support them along the way.

What you'll get:

  • Prompt-based worksheets that help your child learn how to transform challenges into growth opportunities
  • Habit-building techniques that help your child, long-term
  • Bonus-guided visualization to help your child become calm and centred.

Since this is a digital product, this is a final sale.

I’ve been coaching since 2009, and it’s parents like you that I’m the most grateful for.  Why? Because you take the time, and you put in the effort, to help your kids be the best version of themselves.  I also know that parents like you look for opportunities to help your children grow (and you enjoy the personal growth you achieve as well).

I’ve created these worksheets with you and your parenting style in mind.  The worksheets are designed to be used either as prompts for conversations you can have with your child or as worksheets you can work through with them.  


A Note From Ranbir Puar, Your Guide & Course Creator

My name is Ranbir Puar and I've been a Life Strategies Coach since 2009. I'm also a TEDx Speaker, 20x Insight Timer Staff Pick, Creator of "Today I Practice", Podcaster and Author. I've also been a speaker at global parenting events, such as the Mindful World Parenting Summit with Eckart Tolle and Dr. Shefali.  My work has also been featured in Forbes.  Most importantly, I'm the mom of two incredible sons that I'm raising with my husband.  But enough about me!

The focus of my work is to serve and support you on your journey through life. It's about teaching you how to accept that life's experiences are temporary, good or bad, but that they can leave a lasting imprint on how you filter the world.

You'll be given practical, powerful, and profound strategies on how to learn to LIKE your life. Strategies that are in bite-sized pieces so you're not overwhelmed with ideas or data. Strategies that have been proven to work, not only for me in my life, but in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Strategies that work for all ages, from kids to grandparents.

Our community is for people that are ready to start living the width of their lives. People that are ready to slow down and run the marathon. People that are ready to take responsibility for their own joy. People that are ready to be victors, not victims.

I'm excited and grateful to be on this journey with you!

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