“Just remember that Dumbo didn’t need the feather; the magic was in him.”

Stephen King

Like Dumbo, you don’t need a feather to fly. 🐘


There is magic in you already. The ability is inside you.

You have an inner champion, we all do. Your inner champ is strong and can guide you to the path to your best life.

And the awesome thing is that your best life is DIFFERENT than my best life…and that is SOOOOO good.

Why? Because in today’s world everyone seems to be trying to be like someone they’re not and measuring themselves with sticks that belong to others. That doesn’t serve you.

It doesn’t SERVE you to be looking for a feather that belongs to someone else to help you fly. Take that leap, now, towards your inner magic.

Do something small TODAY that reminds you that you are living a unique life, with a special path, that solely belongs to you.

Go back to your inner champion…go back to the MAGIC inside of YOU because with it, YOU can FLY.

🌈 Aloha and Happy Friday!